Sharing and Motivating the Future Team

we always love to have the opportunity of meeting so much excitement of CIFD’s Students (* Canadian Institute of Floral Design), The future leader of the industry, also love to share some of our experiments of the amazing world of flowers.

We love them and (of course Don. *CIFD founder/Instructor - and dear Melissa, one of the great instructors- Two of the best in GTA)


CAFA 2017

CAFA [Canadian Academy of Floral Art] celebrating 25 years of recognizing outstanding floral talent & artistry hosting the amazing talented Russian Master Designer “Roman Steinhaur” (Oct. 2017- Toronto Botanical Garden Center). 

Happy to be the “only” Import/Wholesale in Ontario/Mississauga to attend to participate to this show fully prepared with line up of our quality product .


“Seventy-three years ago, in the spring of 1944, florists from the United States and Canada met socially to get to know one another and discuss business, industry changes and wire services. Wholesalers, Bankers and other industry people, became very interested and they would exchange meeting places of mutual consent on either side of the border. As this group grew, the wire service industry offered to facilitate, by means of sponsoring guest speakers to help florists grow in their business.” -

We were one of the major sponsors of this amazing gathering and had the pleasure of meeting some of the masters of the Floral Industry like:

Neville McKay(CAFA, PCFI, WFC) & Heather De kok (AAFD, AIFD, PFCI) and many more.

CAFA 2018

Canada Blooms

2017 & 2018

Proud Sponsor of Canada  Blooms, Ontario, Canada

We Love to be part of this amazing event from the day one

 We Love what we do.


  • Behnam Foundation of Ontario(BFO) is dedicated to raising awareness and founds for the treatment of patient with cancer and rare diseases (Proud supporter/Sponsor for last 8 Years)

  • Charity Event for SIK KIDS - 2017

NIAF 2019- St. Catherine - Niagara